Announcing Our “Results In Advance” Chapter Program

Inspired by our personal business coaches, Jay Abraham and Rich Scheffren, we’re excited to formally announce an amazing initiative for those wanting to open their own local business mastermind chapters. We call this breakthrough “Results In Advance”.

Launched at JVX in Los Angeles in November, this allows the first one hundred business leaders that open their own Get It Together local business mastermind chapter to save the entire $25,000 franchise fee.

Qualified candidates open and run their chapter for sixty days, without investing a dime with us, just their time and energy.

Once their members see the power and benefit of a local mastermind chapter, and then eagerly and willingly sign up to continue on, the candidate can then sign an on-going agreement to own their own Get It Together Chapter. Nine Chapters are now forming in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Europe since this launch.

For more on how to apply Results In Advance to your business, click here and see our Co-Founder, Tom Matzen share this to a live audience in just 12 minutes.

For more on how to apply for your own Get It Together local business mastermind chapter, click here.

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