Announcing Our “Results In Advance” Chapter Program

Inspired by our personal business coaches, Jay Abraham and Rich Scheffren, we’re excited to formally announce an amazing initiative for those wanting to open their own local business mastermind chapters. We call this breakthrough “Results In Advance”. Launched at JVX in Los Angeles in November, this allows the first one hundred business leaders that open…

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Ever seen a signature worth twenty-five million dollars?

Ever seen a signature worth twenty-five million dollars? Check this one out: Yep, twenty-five million dollars. It’s from our new Private Mastermind coaches, the great Rich Schefren and the amazing Jay Abraham. That’s how much they believe they can help us add in sales with their coaching. And so, after competing with several hundred other…

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Dolphins Can Learn From A Shark

ABC's Shark Tank

Today we share an excerpt from an interview with Damon John, of ABC’s Shark Tank fame. This multi talented entrepreneur shares with Bryan Elliot of on why Strategic Alliances are more important than money.       For the full interview, click here.

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Thanks For The Warm Welcome EWGA Conference Attendees!

What do you get when you combine 300+ women executive golf professionals, the Westin Hotel in Hilton Head, and the team at EWGA? A great time had by all. Here’s Tom Matzen, Pam Swensen, and Allen Bonk:   The friendly, warm, and always efficient Westin Hotel:   And our President and CEO speaking on business…

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Congratulations to our Denver Participants

What do you get when you combine entrepreneurial passion, collective brainstorming, and four days of stretching your comfort zone? A fun and profitable time in Denver! Congratulations to the attendees of our latest Quantum Business Golf Seminar, this one at the Cherry Creek Inn in Denver, Colorado. Check out the smiling faces below. Next up,…

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