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Meet our Co-Founders, Tom Matzen & Allen Bonk
sharing why we started Get It Together,
formerly Back Nine Board of Advisors

Our Big Why

Watch our video on what we call our “Big Why”, and see what we’re all about.

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Our “Big Why”
(for those that prefer to read it)

We believe that every entrepreneur should have access to resources, tools and people that will help ensure their business and life are an incredible success.

We believe these resources and tools should be fun, affordable and available to all who will use them wisely.

In everything we do we believe in challenging the way the game of business is played and as a result, we play a different game with different rules with a very different outcome.

We just happen to have created the world’s best business networking Chapters, guaranteed. Want to join us?

How do We Do This?

First, we play a different game with different rules.

Second, we believe in doing less and achieving more, and

Third, we believe in serving our community and our bottom line at the same time.

  • ”1″


  • We believe it’s not about more profit, rather it’s about more profit and more life;
  • We believe that when properly designed, a business can be fun and exciting, not terrifying and stressful causing us sleepless nights staring at the ceiling; and
  • We believe in a creative brainstorming process called Masterminding, allowing us to solve any challenge and create solutions not thought possible left to our own devices.
  • ”2″


  • We believe it’s about choosing to work more ON our business, and less IN our business;
  • We believe it’s about leveraging time, money and ideas. For example we use something called “Business Golf” to build high trust relationships, faster. Click here to learn more; and
  • We believe that a properly designed business means the busier a business gets, the more time the business owner has.
  • ”3″


  • We believe in the philosophy that Givers Gain;
  • We believe that our approach called Strategic Philanthropy creates a genuine triple-win; and
  • We believe that we can leave this world a better place, for our grandchildren, than it is for us.